Bryony's Page

We dedicate this section to Bryony Aveyard

Bryony Aveyard tragically died on 7th October 2008 after suffering a brain haemorrhage. She was 11 years old.

Bryony, 2nd from left

Bryony, 2nd from left, with some of her team-mates after the 5k Run


A highly talented basketballer who was a real team player, she was at the forefront of the developing York Vikings Girls’ Team. Bryony was one of the Club’s first female players to be registered to play in the National League.

We miss Bryony enormously, for her tremendous vitality and resilience, her great sense of fun and her generosity of spirit.


Bryony gave four other people the chance to lead a full and normal life - please consider joining the Organ Donor Register
As a tribute to Bryony, the Club would like to support WellChild, the Aveyard's chosen charity.


Submitted by Guest on Sat, 11/10/2008 - 10:34.

when i first joined vikings she made me feel welcome. She taught me some amazing tricks too! I'm going to miss her loads!!

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 11/10/2008 - 10:35.

bryony was a pleasure to teach for the 3 years that i taught her pe at hempland primary school when you see the way she enjoyed her sport and the ability she had to be able to play all sports shows what a talented girl she was. When it came to basketball she took time to help others in the class and pass on the skills that she knew she was a credit to the school and will be missed by all
dean cairns hempland primary school

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 11/10/2008 - 14:02.

In training sessions, Bryony inspired my daughter to keep on trying and develop her basketball skills…Phoebs is not the most confident player and Bryony had a knack of knowing just how to keep her going. There were many giggles along the way… and a good deal of Haribo shared if I remember rightly!

The photograph above has a very special memory for me and I have shared this story many times with many people because it touched me deeply…

On the night of the 5k Club run, which Bryony and her Mum spent so much time in putting together, Phoebe was the last to come in. The rain was torrential. Kath was running with Phoebe and, with many words of encouragement and the inspired use of Jelly babies for extra energy, kept her going despite her being absolutely exhausted.

The final straight to finish line was a long track. Despite the dreadful weather and having finished the run many minutes before, Bryony and some of the team were at the line waiting for Phoebe and Kath to come back. As they came in to sight, the girls headed back up the track to support their team mate… which they did all the way with Bryony at her shoulder encouraging her to keep going. For the first time that night, I was truly thankful for the rain as it hid my ‘weepy moment’!

We all miss you Bryony. Our deepest sympathies go to Kath, Rob, James and family

Jayne & Family

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 11/10/2008 - 14:31.

I am shocked and saddened by your news. As you may know I have a thirteen year old sister, who often gets on my nerves, but the thought of loosing her would be to much to bear. Once again I am terribly sorry to hear this.

My thoughts are with you.

Aj Under 18's

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 11/10/2008 - 22:31.

Bryony was a dedicated Basketball player and an inspiration to my daughter Annie, and all the other girls in their team. No-one could watch Bryony play and not be impressed with her natural ability and dedication to her sport.

Another thing you always noticed about Bryony was her smile - what a smile!! A beautiful girl and an absolute credit to Kath and Rob.

She will be truly missed and always remembered.

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 16/10/2008 - 17:08.

your right bryony's smile just lasted for ever and wether she was tired or excited her smile just wouldnt stop !!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 12/10/2008 - 08:41.

i am terribly sorry to hear your loss. i can't imagine the pain you're going through, but my thoughts are with you. stay strong.

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 12/10/2008 - 11:45.

To Bryony
miss you lots and lots and lots

Phoebe xxx

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 12/10/2008 - 17:47.

Everyone will miss you lots and lots Bryony!
She was a great friend as well as a great Basketball team player for York Vikings!!!
Bryony always had a smile on her face and we shared some good girlie moments together on the way to and from matches!
She made me and everyone else laugh so much!
It won't be the same at training without her or playing matches.
we'll always remember Bryony and i'll never forget all the good times we had!!!
missing you soooo much Bryony!
lots of love
Annie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 12/10/2008 - 18:06.

When I first went to a camp I looked around and you gave me the biggest smile that anyone had ever given me.From that moment on our friendship grew and grew and then I realised that I had made a friend for life.I used to see you walking around school and you always had a big group of friends around you,laughing and joking- having a great time!I can't imagine going to a training session and learning new things and not being able to share the pleasure with you.Or of helping each other to do things then putting them into practise in a game situation. When I go to a match it will be so weird not seeing you on the bench or by my side shouting encouragement to everyone. You always had a smile on your angelic face whether we were winning or losing! You were so down to earth and had such a great personality,it's no wonder you were such a good role model for the younger members of our team.It was like the team were the pieces of a puzzle and you were the glue sticking us all together.You were a great asset to the team.You will always be in my heart forever no matter what happens, and I feel so lucky that I had the oppurtunity to meet you and become great friends with you.As soon as you walked into a room your smile just lit it up and I will never forget the special moments that we shared togther as team mates and as great friends.
RIP - all my love
Hayley xxxx

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 12/10/2008 - 19:20.

I have shead a few tears myself and only known you for such a short time. Melanie Ross

Saddened by your loss of someone so dear,
cherish the happy memories.
family and friends will keep you strong,
may God bless you all.
Thinking of you,
Melanie, Nicholas and Christopher Ross
parent and players U13/ U14

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 12/10/2008 - 20:59.

great sister and basketball player. love u sis :(

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 13/10/2008 - 09:52.

Deepest sympathy for you and your family during you time of loss. You are in our prayers.

Doncaster Panthers

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 13/10/2008 - 15:20.

Deeply saddened by the loss and our thoughts are with you all, please know we are there for you.Vicki, Ian Annabel and Jordan Wilson Vikings U16's.

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 13/10/2008 - 19:44.

Bryony was an amazing young basketball player and a pleasure to coach and will be solely missed by all that have played basketball with her or coached her.She was a very committrd young player and had the potiential to go far with her basketball
our thoughts are with you
best wishes

Nick, lucy and Emily Bull

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 13/10/2008 - 20:04.

Bryony had a gift for basketball. I have never seen her without a smile on her face, even when I made the team run suicides at training. She always encouraged her other team mates to try their hardest, and play their best, whether she was on the court, or sat on the bench. we all know that it wont be the same training and playing without you, but the great memories that you gave us will help us to carry on playing sport that you love.

we will miss you always and think of you everytime we step on court.

love your basketball coaches,
Dani and Ilda xxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 13/10/2008 - 20:53.

Our deepest condolences for your loss, you are in our thoughts and prays. May family and friends gather strength from each other and from the wonderful memories of Bryony and her life.
Cath, Paul, Ross and Damon

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 13/10/2008 - 21:21.

Dear Rob Kath and james
We are so sorry to hear the tragic news of Bryony.Words just dont seem
enough,our thoughts are with you all,with all our love Gord Jen Jack and Orrin u18s.

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 14/10/2008 - 09:19.

I only had the honour to coach Bryony on a few occasions when myself and some of my Team Northumbria team mates travelled to Thirsk to undertake a girls only basketball camp. Bryony was an amazing young girl who had so much talent and potential. I am proud to say I had the opportunity to meet this young basketball player and coach her. Myself, my team and the Newcastle Eagles wish to pass on our deepest sympathies to Bryony's family and friends.

All my Love

Sarah Bennett

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 14/10/2008 - 09:39.

Its tough to know what to say! I am Zoe Vickers and I work for the Newcastle Eagles Community Foundation. I also play basketball for Team Northumbria Division 1. Myself and some of my teammates and collegues had the great pleasure of coaching Bryony at a couple of basketball camps in Thirsk. Even from only the couple of times we saw her, we could tell she was an extremely talented individual. She always worked hard, and encouraged others at the same time. Bryony never had a bad word to say about or to anyone, and always put 1 million% effort in. She will be a great loss in the basketball world, and I can't even begin to imagine what her family and close friends are feeling. I'd just like to pass on my condolences and you are all in my thoughts.
You will be a big miss Bryony.
Lots of Love...Zoe x x
Team Northumbria
Newcastle Eagles Community Foundation

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 14/10/2008 - 19:15.

she was an amazing person and i will miss her loads...thanks for making me feel so welcomed Bryony xxxx

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 14/10/2008 - 19:48.

My last memory of Bryony was when I was sitting on the floor next to the girls waiting for them to play their next game, listening to her so patiently explaining the rules to their newest team member. She was being so helpful and so obviously knew her stuff. May God be with you.

Love from Helen (Hannah's mum)

Bryony was an amazing person and a fantastic player, she will be greatly missed. Thankyou so much for helping me and welcoming me when I came to Vikings. Missing u loads and loads.

Lots of love
Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 14/10/2008 - 20:31.

It takes someone very special to touch so may people in so many ways.

Hayley said it all for me and more:-

"Bryony was someone very special!"

Carol,Colin,Stephen and Hayley

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 15/10/2008 - 09:56.

So sorry to hear about Bryony.Our condolences to you all.
God Bless.x
Lois,Kayleigh,Shelbie and Rhiona Lawson.
Thirsk Thunder

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 15/10/2008 - 14:50.

Bryony, you introduced Megan to the world of basketball, which she loves so much. It's through basketball that I had the immense pleasure of getting to know you so much more.

Watching you and Meg playing and laughing before and after tea, made me smile more than you would ever know. Some people can go through life without knowing what a true friendship is, but that special bond is something that you both have, and it's something that will always be cherished.

We miss you so much, and we think about you constantly.

Love to Kath, Rob, James and family.

Our thoughts and hearts are with you love from Carol, Megan Zack and Jacob

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 15/10/2008 - 18:53.

To all who knew Bryony, you have lost a wonderful and talented young lady who is obviously going to be sadly missed. We are so so sorry for your loss, Joe, Emma, Pete and Noah

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 16/10/2008 - 17:01.

Bryony we will never forget your fab basketball tricks, you have given us all something to remember you by. You will never be forgotten. You were a fab friend and an excellent team mate!!!!! you wil always be rememberd !!!!!

lots of love

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 16/10/2008 - 10:51.

bryony you were my insperation you intruduced me to basketball and ill never forget that day you was my best friend i cant belive you've gone i would wish it was me any day so i could no that you would have a happy life because you deserve it any day i miss you

megan your best friend forever

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 16/10/2008 - 14:12.

Sheffield Hatters wish to pass on their deepest sympathy to Bryony's family..... We were all shocked and saddened by the death of this talented young player and beloved daughter. - our thoughts are with you. - Loraine Gayle

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 25/10/2008 - 17:33.

Today when we played the match, it seemed different with you not there x
I will always remember the biggest smile you gave me , when we met about 1 and a half year ago. I promise you york vikings girls will keep strong as a TEAM.

all my love , RIP , katie xxx

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 11/11/2008 - 20:56.

i only ever saw her at Dave's camps and she was alwayz soo happy
she will be missed a lot

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 20/11/2008 - 09:24.

every day i think of u up in heaven i miss u lots and i want u to be here . york vikings will keep playing hard.miss u lots

Submitted by Guest on Fri, 30/01/2009 - 15:11.

miss you sis, its not getting any easier without you :(
i wish it could have been different. but i know me saying that wont change anything. i duno ifg you can hear my prayers at night bryony but im always going to love you and be your big brother. :')

Submitted by Guest on Tue, 25/11/2008 - 18:00.

its your birthday coming up happy birthday!! i miss you so much!!! remember jenny and charlottes birthday so funny ohh and ealoners to gummy bears missing you soooooo much!!!! =] CHIP!!!! ive still got pictures of that day i still cant do that missin loads make sure you save me some sweets up there for me!!!! missing you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Megan your friends foreve!!!!!!!

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 14/05/2009 - 17:43.

Aww bless ya meg,
Always here for you when you need to talk.

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 29/11/2008 - 08:24.

We are all sad that you are not with us anymore, but we all wish that you were!! You are missed by every single one of us & it's not the same turning up to training and not seeing you there, having fun with the rest of us. I remember in the 5k run when you were encouraging me not to give up, and I didn't, and i'm glad I listened to you!
Today is your birthday, and you're not here to celebrate it, but I am proud to say that I knew you and you were a fab friend! so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYONY!!! I'm never going to forget you & hopefully we'll meet again someday!
Lots of love
xxxxxx Annie xxxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 03/12/2008 - 20:06.

I didn't know Bryony that well, but all that i did know of her was great. She was an amazing girl. Speaking for us all, i know we will miss her deeply.

Tom Gott

Thirsk Thunder

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 01/01/2009 - 00:31.

Missing you today more than many others Bryony, xx

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 10/01/2009 - 15:42.

hiya bryony,
i'm alwayz thinkin of yu n i wish yu were here!
i miss you sooo much!
i know you're up there looking down on us playing basketball n we're playing basketball 4 yu!
we put r hearts into every match we play, hoping to win nd make you proud to be a part of york vikings! and you alwayz will be a part of york vikings, in our hearts and in our heads!
i'm so glad that i met and made gr8 friends wid yu coz you've inspired me in so many wayz! you've left an empty space in our hearts that can never be refilled! but in mine you're still there just in a different way!
and i know one thing for sure...when i look up you're the brightest star in the sky and the prettiest angel!!
lotz of luv
xxxxxx annie xxxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 29/01/2009 - 09:23.

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Life is not a race.
Do take it slower
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lov u lots under 14 girls

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 14/03/2009 - 12:19.

thank you for all you have done i will never ever forget you. you told me to never give up and always be strong and dribble when you get the i am playing at the best level a can cuz i always think of you.your smile is so nice if you our crying you still smile. now i feel so special because i know somone like you:( I hope you are happy up there hopefully my fish and granddad are there looking after you

miss you so much and i will remember you forever

love phoebe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 14/05/2009 - 17:43.

Bryony, you weren't at arches a very long time,
but you made it a better place.
So many things have happened in your honor:
the cake sale
and the bryony bands (which i'm wearing now)
Megs done so much work for you, and so has everyone.
We've raised lots of money for wellchild
and our thoughts are with your family.
We miss you more than you could ever imagine.
Love you Bryony.
Xxx Jamie xxX

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 14/05/2009 - 17:47.

I know I didn't know you very well but I remember when we were chatting one break time. I know how much everyone misses you-Loads of people wearing the bands.
Save a place for me up there ;)


Submitted by Guest on Fri, 22/05/2009 - 20:25.

alough you wernt at school for long i find it hard to get along with out you, i mean i put a smile on my face but evey day it just gets harder not seeing your favourite chip smile (lol so funny) anyway im at erins save me a place up there i know u will lol remember gumm bears to say hello to my gran too please lol miss you dearly from

the school
my mum
and your bestest friend for life megan !!!!!!!!!!


Submitted by Guest on Sun, 24/05/2009 - 11:06.

our team is becoming stronger everyy setion, we know tht uu aree by our sides helping us through everyy matchh we playy...
we all tink of uu whilee we aree playin andd ii suposee tht is wot keeps us strong andd possative! aswel as our team friendship.
my cousin megan who lived near uu saidd tht shee playedd wivv uu in thee street sumtimes, now shee is joining york vikings! shees only been to 1 setion soo far but she really enjoyed it andd she is wearing a pink bandd in memory of you =(
shee loves it just thee samee tht uu didd! we all do!
missin uu moree thann ever...
ii never takee my pink bandd off andd i always wearr my medal wivv ur namee on thee back! :0)
luv uu bryony!!
xoxoxox annie xoxoxox

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 10/06/2009 - 21:30.

Everyone has done so much for you and there is always a article in the paper about you;the latest one I just read had more information about how to help raise money for well child and your
BEST friend Robyn Turnbull.

Everyones missing you,
Claudia (7Dd)

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 29/08/2009 - 05:06.

you are still in my mind bryony will never forget the way you used to play for us .... all our team still remember the way you encouraged everyone on and off the court to play there best. you always did, next season will be even harder now we are at national league..your memories will encourage the girls to play there best .. miss you bryony
with love from your coach
dani xx

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 06/09/2009 - 13:11.

It's getting very near the start of the season and i am very nervous about playing national league! All of the games are going to be tough but thinking of you helps me get through the toughest ones-soo i am sure you'll be with me all the way. We all miss you so much and i just wish that you could be playing with us, eventhough you are not with me physicaly i no in my heart that you are alwayz there for me whatever i do. The fellowship award that i won in memory of you is sat on the top of my chest of draws (pride of place)and the medal that we all got is hung on my wardrobe door-soo that i can alwayz see them and think of you.
Missing you alwayz and i'll see you again one day i'm sure of it
lots of love your freind 4eva
Hayley xoxoxoxoxoxox

Submitted by jayne on Wed, 07/10/2009 - 09:02.

..... as always. Much missed
Jayne and Family

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 07/10/2009 - 21:23.

it has been 1 year now Bryony andd i'm missing youu more than ever! );
it is still hard to believe that youu are no longer withh us as youu were suchh a big part of our team (and youu still are)! that i feel as if you are still here.
i think about youu everyday and i wish for nothing more but for youu to be back withh us.
it is not the same without youu but we all know youu are watching down on us...
i love you and miss youu lots Bryony and i will never, ever forget youu and the happy times we shared

Submitted by Guest on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 18:06.

this was from annie x
xxxxxxxxx you will always be with me bryony wherever i go! xxxxxxxxxx i will always be your friend forever and i know we will meet again some day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX'

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 14/10/2009 - 20:22.

Bryony will always be with you all especially this year as you enter national league status play hard do your best as she will be always there on everyones shoulders......always remember that first basket will always be for your best xxxxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Wed, 07/10/2009 - 21:34.

With quiet thoughts and smiling memories of you Bryony.

Dance with the angels.

God Bless.


Submitted by Guest on Wed, 14/10/2009 - 20:27.

A guardian angel to many ....Bryony will always be smiling down on you xxxxx

Submitted by Guest on Fri, 09/10/2009 - 19:45.

i miss u dearly i cant stop thinking of that great basket you scored and you smiling and both of use cheering you are a great insperation to all and i miss you so much
love alex

Submitted by Guest on Thu, 29/10/2009 - 19:46.

i dint even know her but she sounds a amazing person x

york vikings playes me an my team last year and
will be again this year on the 31st v october

:) sounds a gud basket she scored :)
that will be remembered by u for the rest v your life
and wen u do shell be up there in heven smiling down n u x

Submitted by Guest on Sun, 29/11/2009 - 12:09.

happy birthday bryony! missin you lots & lots :(
we did really well in CVL yesterday... we won 2 out of 3! and we did it for you :)
i know you will be smiling up there, and also very proud too.
love you Bryony x]
lots of love
annie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX.

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 29/11/2010 - 09:52.

We're thinking of you, Bryony, James, Kath and Rob, on this special day.

Submitted by Guest on Fri, 07/10/2011 - 18:57.

3 years today! got told to take my bryony band off at school today but always show support for you and wellchild :) missing you soo much wish you were here.
basketball season started again last week and i know your going to be with me every game and will help me through them just like you would if you were still here.

will see you again one day love you soo much