Setting up the York College Clock

These instructions work from powering up the clock, if things go wrong then just hold down the power button and 'turn it off and on again'

  1. Power on the main unit
  2. Press (27) TWICE (just in case it was previously used for a different sport)
  3. Press (1) to select Basketball
  4. Press (9) to select 4 Quarters
  5. Enter the minutes until Tip (less 1 minute to allow for setup time), e.g. '29' ; then press (23) to confirm
  6. Enter the duration, in minutes, of the Quarters, e.g. '10' or '07' ; then press (23) to confirm
  7. Enter the length of Time-outs - '1' ; then press (23) to confirm
  8. Enter the duration of 'Extra time' sessions - '05' ; then press (23) to confirm
  9. Press (18) to start the countdown to the start of the game


  • During intervals the 'clock' button to the right of the (broken) LCD panel can be pressed to end the interval and set the clock ready to start the next Quarter (or extra time)
  • The score CANNOT be adjusted during Time-outs - pressing '+1' for either team will add a "Time-out mark" (green dot) to whichever team called the break
  • A Time-out can be cancelled or finished early by pressing the Time-out button for a second time
  • The foul 'count' only goes to a maximum of 5
  • The secondary unit can be plugged in and used to start and stop the main clock and also to see the time-out countdown